SUNY College of Optometry

east 42nd street, new york, ny

The scope of work includes renovating the entire 7th floor Clinical Space (approximately 13,825 GSF), used by the College for patient exams, research and optical retail. The project is a complete redesign of the floor serving as the main clinical teaching space and open to the public as an eye care center with an eyewear retail space.

Exam and teaching rooms are organized into 3 “pods” of 8 exam rooms around a central faculty room to streamline both the teaching and health-care aspect of services provided by the college. Materiality, color, and texture differentiate the “pods” and present a wayfinding system for patients and students. The use of transparent partitions allows for visibility and connectivity throughout the space.

To better accommodate patient flow, the waiting room is broken up into 2 separate spaces; one which serves as reception and check-in and a second, located centrally in plan, is for patients waiting for an exam room. This cuts down on travel time, crowding, and streamlines circulation.

Adjacent to the lobby, the 800 sf glass-enclosed eyewear retail space opens up the center of the plan. Consisting of displays, fitting tables, and adjustment workrooms the space faces the waiting area, encouraging entry and browsing. Curved walls and recesses provide relief to the corridors.

Offices, testing rooms, bathrooms, and circulation are designed to facilitate newer equipment and ease accessibility for users, many whom have low-vision or may use walkers or wheelchairs.