MDSA Receives 2024 AIA NYS Excelsior Award for Mosaic Pre-K Center

This prestigious award recognizes the project’s overall performance, how it impacts the user and the community, and design excellence, all within the context of a publicly funded project. Contest entries were judged based on the following criteria:

Firmness — demonstrating design based on sound architectural and engineering principles and responsible use of public funds to achieve the maximum public benefit.

Commodity — demonstrating design that is functional and impactful, providing socio-economic benefits to the surrounding community and advancing the owner’s mission.

Delight — demonstrating design that achieves beauty and harmony through respect for the surrounding context, understanding and consideration of human scale, and satisfaction of user needs, both explicit and implicit.

“Our deliberations showcased the remarkable dedication and ingenuity of architects across diverse communities throughout New York State, emphasizing the vital role of design in enriching societal well-being,” Interdisciplinary Jury Chair, Paul McDonnell said in a news release.

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