Police Service Area #5

Harlem, New York

MDSA employed a rich and varied palette of limestone, brick and granite to visually integrate the new police precinct into its residential surroundings. The four-story, 37,000-sq. ft. building is located on a mid-block site, nestled between low-rise apartment buildings and a church. We primarily used a red brick, consistent with the hue of the adjoining buildings. A granite base grounds the structure at the street level and provides continuity between the new and adjacent construction. The limestone trim elements and panels use contemporary details, which further reinforce the new building’s relationship to the surrounding neighborhood. A partial wall and gated opening camouflages the entrance to the on-site parking area.

The undulating wall surface of the interior yard contributes to the sense of a seamless blend between new and old. Similarly, deep-set windows and projecting sills animate the façade, resulting in a highly textured surface of articulated elements casting a variety of shadows. The detailing was extensive and meticulously executed throughout the precinct and site.