Cornell University ILR Phase I – Master Plan & Program Study

Ithaca, New York
  • Phased construction strategy for demolition, renovations, addition
  • Detailed program analysis of existing 200,000 sq. ft. complex
  • Twenty year projection for future needs

MDSA and its predecessor firm, Beckhard Richlan Associates, worked with the SUCF and New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) to develop a comprehensive Master Plan.

Among the issues evaluated were:

1) The adequacy of the existing building to accommodate projected program needs twenty years into the future.

2) Technological advancements in teaching methods and the necessary infrastructures to support them.

3) The need to reorganize several of the colleges departments.

4) The way in which the ILR School related to Cornell University and the world community as a center for labor relations research.

Working closely with the user groups, the study findings concluded that there was a need for significant expansion of student oriented facilities (classrooms, lecture halls, gathering spaces with advanced technology), and a completely new archival and research library.

The study also carefully analyzed budget and phasing alternatives for separate addition and renovation projects, including strategies for temporary relocation of several program elements.