Somerset Grove Office Park

Franklin Township, NJ

Herbert Beckhard and Frank Richlan Associates

The innovative sawtooth plan for this upscale 890,000-square-foot mixed-use complex generates a large number of valuable corner offices and premier commercial spaces. The project, which was designed by MDSA’s predecessor firm, Beckhard Richlan & Associates, involved creating various dynamic architectural forms contained in two mirror image, four-story buildings.  We designed alternating bands of dark black/brown brick, terra-cotta colored brick, clear glass and reflective glass with no visible mullions and resulting in a cohesive sense of scale. The firm designed the campus development for Devrex Corporation, one of the nation’s premier developers of commercial properties. We created three-story high main entry halls, with views of the outdoor courtyard, which feature full-service dining and retail components. The facility also houses a fitness center and a state-of-the-art conference center. The design won the “Building of the Year” award from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) for the New Jersey and Middle Atlantic Regions, specifically for providing users with a superior working environment.