Cali Financial Center

Jersey City, NJ

(Herbert Beckhard and Frank Richlan Associates)

This 22-story office tower and adjoining 500-car parking structure occupy an entire city block. The 640,000 square foot tower’s pentagonal shaped plan form responds to existing street patterns.

Special care was taken to articulate the building masses in order to moderate the scale between them and surrounding residential and commercial buildings. Frequency and form of windows relate to views, which include the New York City skyline, and interior functions. A strongly articulated pre-cast concrete panel system clads both office building and garage.

The attached five level parking structure appears to be a visual extension of the lower floors of the tower. A particular challenge for one elevation of the parking structure was to relate to the scale, texture and materials of existing buildings on the opposite Street. A brick facade of varying colors at the new street-level shops reinforces the existing context and creates a gradual transition from old to new.